Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Chicken Soup Day

What makes it a chicken soup day?
1. It's November. In New England, 28 out of the 30 days are appropriate for Chicken Soup either because of the weather, dark afternoons or someone in the family bound to have a cold.
2. It's raining.
3. Temperature is in the low-forties.
4. I spent 1.5 hours in the dentist chair yesterday fixing a broken tooth, so I'm not in the mood to chew.
Anyway, I've got all the fixings for Chicken Soup in the fridge ready to boil. Perfect!

I need to whine about the weather just a minute more. Why is it so difficult to get motivated to run in the cold rain? If it was just 10 degrees colder and snowing, I would be bounding out the door to run.

I have to miss my last "socks on circulars" class tonight because of a conflict scheduled weeks ago. My favorite restaurant closed - the bad news. But the owner/cook is offering a class on how to make her spaghetti sauce - the good news. That's where I will be tonight (after I make chicken soup), learning her secret recipe.

I know I said I would wait for instruction on how to graft a toe since I have failed so miserably in the past. But, I could not wait. I do think I did a little better grafting this time. These are my "socks on circulars" class project which I was working on at knitting group last Thursday when a fellow knitter asked to see them. After touching them she said "Wow! That's a sock. Maybe they will soften with a washing." She's right. They are thick and tight. See pic below. I don't have any implements propping up these socks, they stand on their own. My rationalization is that they MIGHT make great ski socks. I hope to try them out on the slopes during our Thanksgiving vacation next week.

What would I do differently...
Listen to my instructor who has a zillion years experience and owns the store so obviously know more about the yarn than I do. She said size 6 needles would be better than 4's. But I said I wanted them to be thick. Be careful what you ask for.


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