Monday, November 21, 2005

No Road to Oslo Here

I love Nancy Bush's Knitting on the Road sock pattern collection and in particular the Scandinavian look to "The Road to Oslo" pattern. I was not sure about the fold down cuff, but stuck with the pattern besides that. The k2tog/yo row was suppose to create a scallop edge, but mine resulted in a sock with holes on the top. The worst feature is how tight the ankle is where the two yarns meet to make the cool pattern. It is so tight that I have to point my foot like a ballerina (that I am so not) to get the sock on. I guess I should not have pulled so tightly on the yarns at that point. Ahhh...knit 'n learn. Even though it's not worthy to give as a Xmas present as planned, I still like the sock.

I am also struggling with the socks for my holiday exchange pal. It's my first time with needles less than size 3 and I'm dropping stitches left and right. I may look for yarn that knits at a bigger guage.


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