Thursday, December 01, 2005

School Nurse

What is it about school nurses that make you feel like they think they know your child better than you do. Or maybe it's me that makes me feel that way.

Tuesday night my son was playing basketball in the dark, on our wet road. You know what comes next. He slipped on a few leaves and sprained his ankle. We looked at it. A little bruised, but okay. He was able to sustain his weight on the foot and resume normal hyperactivity. Wednesday morning he woke up with a very sore ankle, which is to be expected. I gave him a couple ibuprofin (Vitamin I as my running bro & sis & I call it), told him to suck it up and dropped him off at school. Around 12:30, the ibuprofin has worn off (also probably time for math class), I get the call from the school nurse. "Tim hurt his foot last night playing basketball" - like I did not know that. "There are many little bones in the foot that could be broken. You should get his ankle x-rayed." Immediately I feel guilty, what kind of mother am I sending my kid to school with a broken foot. But in the back of my mind I know he is fine, he was running around with his dog right after he sprained the ankle. I call the doctor, get an appointment for 3:30. (Still insist he go for extra help in Math after school, which did not go over well with the boy). I pikc him up at school with a bag of cookies in one hand, root beer in the other. We go to the doctor, get the x-ray, back to the doctor to find out there is no fracture - it's an ankle sprain. At least we had someone else tell him that he had to stay home from hockey practice and elevate the ankle. Here he is with Cara helping his recovery by elevating the foot.


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