Friday, May 12, 2006

Did you follow the instructions

Being a relatively new knitter I still find myself knitting merrily along not paying attention to the pattern. Then I'll get to a point where it's obvious I've turned down the wrong road and have backtrack to where I should be. I wonder if I'll ever get beyond that. It's particularly embarrassing for me since I encounter this behavior often during my work day. Part of my job as a technical consultant is to field calls from irate users who are frustrated with something not working as designed. I wait for them to take pause from their outrage to delicately ask and not quite in these words, did you follow the instructions. Live and learn...something we do everyday. I made quite a few mistakes that caused rework in this "simple" tank made for my good friend Janet who will turn 40 on May 19th. The color is burgundy, not sure why it looks pinkish in this pic. I still need to weave in the ends and block it, but I think it will be ok.

Here is a gift for another May 19th birthday girl, but this girlfriend is turning 3. It's a Girlfriend's Swingcoat designed by Wendy. I found a fairy princess button to attach for a closure at the top. Fairy princesses are Ava's favorite imaginary friends. This pattern was simple to follow. Wendy is a genius.

I have joined 2 more knit alongs. I was not going to join project spectrum, but after realizing I knit pink socks in March, an orange sweater in April and started green socks in May - heck I'm subconsciously doing project spectrum so I may as well join. This will be fun. I also joined the trek along with me which combines 2 of my favorite things - hiking and knitting. These knit along hosts are BRILLIANT!


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