Saturday, April 22, 2006

Best of Boston

I had the pleasure of going to Boston last weekend, marathon weekend. This is the best time to visit the city for someone that loves running and baseball. The Red Sox are always in town the weekend of the Boston Marathon. For the past couple years, my siblings and I attend the runner's expo and sox game on Saturday. Then we return to volunteer in the Boston Marathon on Monday, patriots day. Between us we have at least 10 Boston marathon finishes.
These are just some of the images captured from this great weekend.
"America's Most Beloved Ball Park." Well at least that's what Red Sox fans think. She looks great, even better after the reconstruction of the 406 club behind home plate. As a friend of mine said, all the updates look like they have been there for a 100 years.

Everything around Fenway contributes toward an awesome atmosphere, even the Sausage King. Although actually consuming the sausage from the King may actually ruin the appeal.

Section 22 is where the true Red Sox fans are. It's right behind home plate - great view in front of you and the sounds of the ragtime band coming from Yawkey Way behind you. The bandwagon fans can have their $150 seats, I'm happy standing in Section 22.

The finish line of the Boston Marathon is a beautiful thing.

After running 26.2 miles, it is an wonderful welcome to Boston.


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