Thursday, March 02, 2006

It's Baseball Season

Alright...tonight the red sox lost their first spring season game, but that means nothing. They had a horrible spring season in 2004 when they won the world series. Also in 2004, the Patriots lost nearly every exhibition game, but won the super bowl that year.
More pics from our spring training trip last week:
The Rookies. We had the pleasure of sitting in on the FSN interview with rookie pitchers John Lester and Craig Hanson.

We saw the veterans inlcuding Trot and Tek.

The Guy who is working to be here (rehabing from an Achilles rupture), Gabe Kapler.

And the beloved retiree Johnny Pesky. I don't normally publish pics of my son, but this pic with his cousin and JP is a keepsake.


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