Tuesday, March 14, 2006

An Unlikely Pair

One lacey and pink. The other bold and colorful. Let me explain. I finished the right foot on the way to a biz trip in Indianapolis last week. I was knitting the matching sock until one evening my co-workers and I went to dinner at Broadripple Brew Pub in my favorite part of Indy. The Broadripple neighborhood reminds me of a small New England town with great restaurants and shops. I was inspired to knit Broadripple socks, a pattern featured in knitty. The pattern called for Cascade Fixation yarn which I found in a great yarn shop, Stitches & Scones, just north of Indy. I love this yarn! It is a cotton blend that is soft and wonderful to knit with (after I got over it's elasticity that is unnerving at first). The matches to both these socks are in progress and I hope to finish them on a business trip this week to Grapevine TX.
Last week I also finished a match to the jaywalkers I started in January. All these unmatched socks are encouraging me to attempt the two socks on circulars at one time. That will be my next project.


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