Sunday, April 02, 2006

We interrupt this knitting... finally finish the sweater. Now I remember why I do not sew. I also think these garments might be named sweaters because of all the sweat that goes into making the thing. Seaming is a painful process. I must have ripped out each seam 3 times. I thought I finally got it right until my aran cable sweater instructor got a look at it at knitting group on Thursday. Strangely enough the seams looked perfect on the inside of the sweater. She said "Are you sure you did not seam this on the wrong side?" I could have. At one point I was so dizzy with the ripping and the seaming that I seamed a side of a sleeve to the body of the sweater. I spent this weekend ripping and seaming some more. And it's done. Or I'm done with it. It's not perfect, but I do love those cables. I think I'll go back to socks now.


At 5:19 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

it's gorgeous.


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