Saturday, June 17, 2006

Back to Blue

My exciting kool-aid break is over. I just loved dying that yarn and knitting up these socks. I bought a bunch more kool-aid at the store this week and can't wait to dye again.

It's time to get back to my blue wildflower sweater. The fronts and back are finished. The sleeves have been started and should be finished soon. And then...ugggh...the seaming. I am trying to psyche myself up by reading anything I can get my hands on about seaming / finishing. I hope I can finish this soon to leave a little time in June for other blue projects.

I started a French Market Bag in Lamb's Pride Winter Blue back in December and hope to finish it this month. I got so sick of the stockinette stitch (200 stitches per row!) that I have really neglected this object. Just like I am not a treadmill runner, I am not a stockinette knitter. Too much of the same view. I also would like to start trekking with some blue Trekking XXL this month. So little time and so much to blue. (yep...I know that was bad)


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