Monday, January 08, 2007

Mitten Mysteries

It's very hard to believe that this faithful friend...

...could be responsible for this level of treachery. But since she is the member of our household most likely to rip out the thumb of a mitten and leave the chewed up bits of yarn on the living room rug, it must of been Cara. She has never touched my yarn or knitted objects before, but has slipped into a vindictive mood since we have returned work/school after a long holiday break. This WAS a little blue mitten knitted for our nephew AJ who had his first birthday party on Sunday. I had the first mitten completed with the match on the needles Wednesday night and woke up to this ugly scene on Thursday morning.

Luckily there was enough time for me to knit up another pair and a matching ear flap hat in time for the party. At the suggestion of a member of our Thursday night knit group, a wonderful story about The Missing Mitten Mystery completed our gift to AJ. I actually could not find the story we both remembered fondly where the children in a neighborhood keep losing their red mittens and as each mitten is found they are hung on a clothes line. This Missing Mitten Mystery is about a little boy who loses his red mitten and finds it later displayed like a heart on his snowman. Anyway...happy 1st birthday AJ!

The mystery behind these running mitts is why is it not cold enough in January in New Hampshire to wear them??? We have had crazy unseasonably warm temperatures so far this winter. I am not complaining as my favorite woodsy trails are open for running way past expected. All these mittens were made from stashbuster yarn. I have a feeling I'll get a chance to wear these soon.


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