Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I Heart Fair Isle

Determined to get this fair isle thing right, I have practiced a lot over the last few weeks. I had started a vinter lue hat for my son a year ago and stopped when I realized I did not get the whole carrying yarn thing. After having taking the Fair Isle class I picked it up again, and the hat came out beautifully except it did not fit my son. Sooooo, before trying Vinterlue two, I practiced by making up some hokey fair isle hats.

A running hat for me with fair isle runners.

And a hat & mitten set for my niece's 6th birthday celebrated Sunday, a few days before valentine's day. The o's on the xoxoxo border came out a little square, but I think Emma still loved it.

And here is Vinterlue Two. I added a few more rows between the fair isle rows and it fits him perfectly.


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