Friday, February 02, 2007

Unkind Acts Against Knits

Cara has struck again. Her latest victim is a fuzzy foot. I'm not sure when this rein of vengeance will end. I've been traveling for biz a lot this past month and amazed that it has been nearly 4 weeks since my last blog entry. During this time it has turned cold enough to wear wool and Cara has felt quite ignored (as you can see).

I have executed my own unkind act against a knit. I finished this sweater for my son just before Thanksgiving. This was the most basic of sweaters knit for a picky teenager using Tahiki Donegal Tweed. While it sat in his closet for a month I read Ann's December 5th blog entry about felting a knitted sweater. Hmmmmm...I could shrink it to fit me. The sweater sat another month and I asked my son if he intended on wearing it. No.

So into a hot wash it went. I really like the result and have worn it a lot. The felting gave it double thickness that has kept me very warm during hockey games.

Speaking of handmade items and my son...he made this bracelet for me in his silver smith class. They are both treasures.


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