Saturday, December 24, 2005

The Glitten

"When you have a problem that you can not solve, turn your back on it and the answer will tap you on the shoulder." I think it was Eudora Welty that wrote that, and it may not be an exact quote. But I've found it to be great strategy with most of the problems I encounter in life. So I put aside the glitten, did not touch it for a week. Sure enough the other night I felt the answer tap me on the shoulder. "You need to create a slant from the little finger to the middle finger." I was filled with a new enthusiasm for the glitten. I worked on it non-stop, thinking I may still make the 12/26 deadline (my MIL's birthday). And here is the result...still freakish looking.
Now I feel another answer tapping me on the shoulder - "Give up on the glitten!" Sure am glad I bought a backup gift for my MIL, Doris Kearns Goodwin's new book on Abe Lincoln, Team of Rivals.


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