Saturday, December 24, 2005

Land of the Misfit Knits

I've had a lot of fun this holiday season, thinking of each person and what I might knit for them. Oh the possibilities! I did my best to choose a project that would be perfect for the recipient. But now that they are assembled for a picture, the knits remind me of the misfit toys. You know that whining blubbering group of toys from Rudolf's classic tale, sitting out on an iceberg trying to one up the other on how pathetic each is.
I can hear my gifts -
"Who wants socks with holes in them?" cries the yoga socks.
"Ipod's don't wear socks!" says the ipod cozy.
"What dog really would be seen in a sweater?" mumbles the chihuahua sweater.
"I'm still on the needles!!!" cries the scarf. Shhhh...I still have the ride into Massachusetts to work on you.

Merry Christmas to all!!!


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