Monday, January 02, 2006

Winding Down the Year

I love gadgets!

I used my birthday money to buy myself a ball winder from my lys. I'm ready to wind anything in my path so watch out. I have a yarn swift on order that will only escalate this new obsession. I thank Liane, the owner of my lys for selling me a used ball winder at a discount and for referring me to Oregon Wood Worker for the yarn swift. Liane could of sold me a yarn swift from her own resources, but instead referred me to Oregon Wood Worker (with no commission) because she loves this swift. Liane is the best!

First to wind down was the winter blue lamb's pride I had used to start two different sweaters. On the last day of 2005, I wound these unfinished objects (ufo) into wavy cakes of yarn. It's a new year baby! I'm recycling this yarn into a French Market Bag. Out with the old (mistakes), in with the new! I'm starting a 6 week sweater class next week that will hopefully get me over this sweater phobia.

The Opal handpainted black/gray cakes will be used to knit jaywalker socks, a pattern recommended by my sister in law. I've got to say this 475 yard hank of yarn was a pain in the a@! to wind (even with the ball winder) because the yarn was so fine and the hank so long. So glad I had the ball winder to ease the burden.

I also wound the Lorna Laces Worsted black pearl to make my Yoga Socks. After finishing the yoga socks, I rewound the remnants to make a compact cake of yarn to store away. This ball winding is way too much fun!


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I have that same yoga book.


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