Saturday, June 24, 2006

Dear French Market Bag

Dear French Market Bag,
I am so sorry to have ignored you for so long. Thank goodness for the project spectrum blue month of June that brought me back to finish you. You have felted wonderfully and I so do appreciate your ruggedness and practicality.
I hope that you will feel comfortable with your other blue friends -

The blue wildflower cardigan that is now washed, blocked and ready for finishing.

The Trekking XXL blue socks that are almost ready for a hike.
I promise you my French Market Bag, from this day forth I will always keep you full of yarn and knitterly objects.
Yours Truly,

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Back to Blue

My exciting kool-aid break is over. I just loved dying that yarn and knitting up these socks. I bought a bunch more kool-aid at the store this week and can't wait to dye again.

It's time to get back to my blue wildflower sweater. The fronts and back are finished. The sleeves have been started and should be finished soon. And then...ugggh...the seaming. I am trying to psyche myself up by reading anything I can get my hands on about seaming / finishing. I hope I can finish this soon to leave a little time in June for other blue projects.

I started a French Market Bag in Lamb's Pride Winter Blue back in December and hope to finish it this month. I got so sick of the stockinette stitch (200 stitches per row!) that I have really neglected this object. Just like I am not a treadmill runner, I am not a stockinette knitter. Too much of the same view. I also would like to start trekking with some blue Trekking XXL this month. So little time and so much to blue. (yep...I know that was bad)

Friday, June 09, 2006

Kool. Kool. Kool-Aid!

I know that I am dating myself with that shout. And I am sure anyone born after 1975 has never seen that commercial with the 10 foot pitcher of kool-aid sloshing it's way to a group of thirsty sugar crazed kids. This project was that kind of thrilling. I was inspired by dye-o-rama hosted by scout and attempted to dye my own sock yarn. Once again that great resource had a wonderful tutorial, this time on dying yarn with kool-aid. Take plain ol' white yarn and add soaring strawberry lemonade, arctic green apple and changin' cherry kool-aid (yes...even kool-aid has had to hype up their product with soaring, arctic, changin' etc.). The superwash yarn just soaks up this stuff.
And I love how it is knitting up. The socks looks like slices of seedless watermelon. Cool.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

June brings Blue Wildflowers

This post is brought to you by the color blue. I've ditched my green burlap sweater for now to work on Moriah's Wildflower Cardigan in Lambs Pride Worsted Blue Magic. The best thing about this colorway is that if I do not finish the sweater in June, it could pass for the color purple (the project spectrum color for July). But I should be able to finish this month. The pattern is a pleasure to knit and with size 10 needles works up very quickly. The back is finished and the left & right front panels started. I'm really digging this green mountain spinnery pattern. I could see myself working through all their sweater patterns.

In other blue news, I am waiting for my blue trekking sock yarn to arrive in the mail so that I can start trekking along with the other sock knitters out in blog land.