Saturday, December 24, 2005

Land of the Misfit Knits

I've had a lot of fun this holiday season, thinking of each person and what I might knit for them. Oh the possibilities! I did my best to choose a project that would be perfect for the recipient. But now that they are assembled for a picture, the knits remind me of the misfit toys. You know that whining blubbering group of toys from Rudolf's classic tale, sitting out on an iceberg trying to one up the other on how pathetic each is.
I can hear my gifts -
"Who wants socks with holes in them?" cries the yoga socks.
"Ipod's don't wear socks!" says the ipod cozy.
"What dog really would be seen in a sweater?" mumbles the chihuahua sweater.
"I'm still on the needles!!!" cries the scarf. Shhhh...I still have the ride into Massachusetts to work on you.

Merry Christmas to all!!!

The Glitten

"When you have a problem that you can not solve, turn your back on it and the answer will tap you on the shoulder." I think it was Eudora Welty that wrote that, and it may not be an exact quote. But I've found it to be great strategy with most of the problems I encounter in life. So I put aside the glitten, did not touch it for a week. Sure enough the other night I felt the answer tap me on the shoulder. "You need to create a slant from the little finger to the middle finger." I was filled with a new enthusiasm for the glitten. I worked on it non-stop, thinking I may still make the 12/26 deadline (my MIL's birthday). And here is the result...still freakish looking.
Now I feel another answer tapping me on the shoulder - "Give up on the glitten!" Sure am glad I bought a backup gift for my MIL, Doris Kearns Goodwin's new book on Abe Lincoln, Team of Rivals.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Be careful what you ask for

Well, actually she did not ask and probably is sorry she ever mentioned it. A few weeks ago my mother in law and I were discussing the comfort/functionality of mittens and gloves. I never wear gloves because my hands just do not get warm. My fingers need to work together to create warmth. Sometimes even my thumbs, seeking warmth, will join my fingers under the mitten. My MIL agreed and added that you lose functionality in a mitten, but the warmth is more important. Then she said that years ago she bought some mittens in a hunting store that she absolutely loved and wore until they had holes in them. I am not sure why this kind, animal loving woman was in such a place but that's off topic. The mittens were part glove in that they had a separate place for the index finger. She said it's amazing how much more mobility you have with your thumb and index finger free. Well...what would you do when someone you love has a need for knitted object that you may be able to satisfy. Exactly! I asked for clarification "you mean the index finger was separated and the remaining 3 fingers were together". When she realized where my mind was going, she quickly changed the subject. But I was intent on recreating this glitten.

So here it is...this freakish looking thing. Do you think she really wants this!?!?! I think NOT. I am going to try to make a few modifications - shorten the cuff, use only 14 stitches for the thumb, shorten the palm, lengthen the index finger and mitten compartments. Then I'll reevaluate. Hopefully it will not look like something that scares small children.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Lucky Me!

Cara and I made our daily trip to the mailbox at noon on Wednesday, and what did I find on top of useless catalogues, junk mail and bills? A package for ME! My sock pal Sarah from Advancing the Plot, knitted a pair of beautiful socks in my fav colors pink, blue and black. They are soft, warm and fit me perfectly. The socks made their debut today with a pair of jeans for casual Friday attire. Thank you so much Sarah. It's so nice to meet you Sarah. Happy Holidays to you!

I am finally getting my socks in the mail today to my secret sock pal in Oklahoma. The socks have been done for over a week but I wanted to give them I wash before I sent them off. After I washed them, they were a bit fuzzier than I'd like them to be so I purchased a de-fuzzer. Wow! This tool is a must have for anyone with OCD tendencies. I'm thinking of buying two more for the car and office so I never have to live with unsightly fuzz again.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Meet Chi Chi

I'm part of a family of dog lovers, so each Christmas we pick names out of hat for a dog gift exchange. When we get together to exchange gifts on Christmas Eve, the dog gifts are one of the biggest hoots. This year Cara picked Porter, her chihuahua cousin. Since Porter lives near Boston, a long way from any warm climate, we thought a sweater would be perfect. I found a great pattern on Knitty called Penny. We picked out 100% superwash wool by brown sheep in the lichen colorway. The only thing we were missing was a model, so we hired Chi Chi from the local toy store to help us out. I'm hoping the sweater fits Porter as well as it fits Chi Chi. I am trying to resist adding fur to the turtle neck because I don't think it's quite Porter's style. But doesn't this knit cry out for fun fur?

Unfortunately we have to say goodbye to Chi Chi. His work is done here so he is moving on (without the sweater) to Toys for Tots to be adopted by a little boy or girl. Hmmm...maybe the tot's mom will be a knitter. God speed Chi Chi!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

School Nurse

What is it about school nurses that make you feel like they think they know your child better than you do. Or maybe it's me that makes me feel that way.

Tuesday night my son was playing basketball in the dark, on our wet road. You know what comes next. He slipped on a few leaves and sprained his ankle. We looked at it. A little bruised, but okay. He was able to sustain his weight on the foot and resume normal hyperactivity. Wednesday morning he woke up with a very sore ankle, which is to be expected. I gave him a couple ibuprofin (Vitamin I as my running bro & sis & I call it), told him to suck it up and dropped him off at school. Around 12:30, the ibuprofin has worn off (also probably time for math class), I get the call from the school nurse. "Tim hurt his foot last night playing basketball" - like I did not know that. "There are many little bones in the foot that could be broken. You should get his ankle x-rayed." Immediately I feel guilty, what kind of mother am I sending my kid to school with a broken foot. But in the back of my mind I know he is fine, he was running around with his dog right after he sprained the ankle. I call the doctor, get an appointment for 3:30. (Still insist he go for extra help in Math after school, which did not go over well with the boy). I pikc him up at school with a bag of cookies in one hand, root beer in the other. We go to the doctor, get the x-ray, back to the doctor to find out there is no fracture - it's an ankle sprain. At least we had someone else tell him that he had to stay home from hockey practice and elevate the ankle. Here he is with Cara helping his recovery by elevating the foot.