Sunday, March 26, 2006

So Happy Together

No more socks knitted apart, my socks will always be knit together from this day forward. During my biz trip to Dallas, I taught myself to knit 2 socks at the same time on circular neddles. I am so thankful for I found a sock pattern in the archives that gave instructions for 2 socks knitted at the same time. I simplified the pattern to a 3X1 rib, so I could just concentrate on the 2 sock deal. It was a bit crazy at the beginning with needles, skeins and yarn ends going ever which way. About half way through the leg portion I started to get the hang of it. This technique is so fast!

I also finished my matches to the pairs already started.
A colorful Fortissmo Jacquard pair...

...and a Hot Pink Broadripple pair. I really like the broadripple pattern and the cotton softness of the cascade fixation yarn. I am so psyched that my lys has started to stock this yarn. It will be great for spring/summer knitting.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

An Unlikely Pair

One lacey and pink. The other bold and colorful. Let me explain. I finished the right foot on the way to a biz trip in Indianapolis last week. I was knitting the matching sock until one evening my co-workers and I went to dinner at Broadripple Brew Pub in my favorite part of Indy. The Broadripple neighborhood reminds me of a small New England town with great restaurants and shops. I was inspired to knit Broadripple socks, a pattern featured in knitty. The pattern called for Cascade Fixation yarn which I found in a great yarn shop, Stitches & Scones, just north of Indy. I love this yarn! It is a cotton blend that is soft and wonderful to knit with (after I got over it's elasticity that is unnerving at first). The matches to both these socks are in progress and I hope to finish them on a business trip this week to Grapevine TX.
Last week I also finished a match to the jaywalkers I started in January. All these unmatched socks are encouraging me to attempt the two socks on circulars at one time. That will be my next project.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

It's Baseball Season

Alright...tonight the red sox lost their first spring season game, but that means nothing. They had a horrible spring season in 2004 when they won the world series. Also in 2004, the Patriots lost nearly every exhibition game, but won the super bowl that year.
More pics from our spring training trip last week:
The Rookies. We had the pleasure of sitting in on the FSN interview with rookie pitchers John Lester and Craig Hanson.

We saw the veterans inlcuding Trot and Tek.

The Guy who is working to be here (rehabing from an Achilles rupture), Gabe Kapler.

And the beloved retiree Johnny Pesky. I don't normally publish pics of my son, but this pic with his cousin and JP is a keepsake.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Look what I got

This is the best. Gotta love it. Not only do I have a practical pair of socks to wear, but a gold medal for knitting them. I have such an adrenalin rush from the knitting olympics that I am entering my olympic socks into a sock competition at my lys. No expectations to win this since there are many more experienced knitters. I just want to join in the fun.

In other knitting news, I have finished the sleeves for my aran sweater and am ready to seam it together. After the 90 hours of knitting this sweater I'm reluctant to try to seam it together without supervision. I'm going to bring the finished parts to the Thursday knitting group to get some assistance.